Saturday, 23 February 2013

This is how it all started - My marriage invitation email

From: Jagmeet Singh
Sent: Tuesday, August 14, 2012 4:53 PM
Subject: Moving On....Seriously !!!
Hello Friends,

Yes, I know what you would be feeling after reading the subject. But trust me, it is not an easy mail  to write especially after such beautiful long innings. I still remember and remember really well,  those days of flirting, dating, roaming on bike like Knight Rider, having coffee only at  cafĂ© coffee day thinking ( a lot can happen over coffee). Yes a lot did happen but in the form of bills..:-D :-D. 

Things which you would not have done before like requesting a friend in the middle of night to lend his bike, requesting another friend to arrange a pick-up because you were stuck in client /pursuit call, getting angry because you got drenched in rain and your friend has decided not to turn up because of the same stupid rain, getting late for movie because someone deleted the text message of confirmation, being scolded for talking to every friend whosoever called you up (doesn’t matter what time) thus reducing the time with someone else, giving shoulder for reasons which you can’t comprehend, absolutely banned from talking about health/calorie and fitness while others are having pizza with coke, or pop-corns with coke, learning car because someone felt pollution on the road ..:-O, first getting glass of car tainted to prevent peeping in and then removing the same to allow government to peep in..:-), arrange party in all flashy hotels while ensuring the DJ plays Bollywood not Hollywood because Hollywood doesn’t give kicks..:-D, save friends with manageable kannada while they mess up with locals and about to get beaten up, partying anytime without caring whether it’s a weekend or weekday and tell neighbors to adjust ..:-O,  drive to nandi hills in the middle of night to catch glimpse of rising sun and then sleep on grass like drunkards, those hangout times with Goris abroad and that workout sessions with my Gori trainer,  go for adrenaline sports with friends who are scared of every damn adventure and then coax them into actually taking that plunge, click their scary faces and post them on personal pages with comments, those enormous personal one-to-one moments in office canteens/in malls / on road sides/ on terrace of tall buildings and listening to those emotional/touchy confessions and obviously making few ones too..:-), drive to krishnagiri (tamil nadu – 180 km) for McD and CCD - first climb and then literally hang from the McD billboard while shouting and screaming with friends, and life kept moving on …:D

In this journey of bachelor-hood, met not few rather bundle of nice friends, some good friends, some die-hard fans, some loving ones and some run-of-the mill types. Learnt time management, emotional balance, multi-tasking and the big one “work-love-friends-life-money-balance”…J. And after all this, trust me, GDM model seemed too easy to seep in. I know most of you would echo these statements..:-)

And then one day, time for that thing came which I have been running away from all these years. However, when you meet that someone, someone extra special ( note the word extra here) , who tells you that life has still to offer more, just that it has to be with her, you tend to think otherwise. The reality of life is whatever your brain may try to tell you, you always tend to agree to her and her only..:-D :-D :-D. And you become “Yes Mam Man” ..:-D

So, time has come to still continue doing above things, but with permissions,
agreements and making some adjustments with friends and letting them know that I would not be available in those hours in night..;-) rather during day time only. So please plan your issues, situations, breakdowns/ups strictly during day time and remain in good books of that special person..:-). Trust me, she is marked in this email and must be laughing now, reading this. ( hope you know what does it mean when that special, sorry, extra special person laughs….if not ask me in person..:-)

And with this laughter, fun and  great pleasure, I would like to invite you for my marriage with Twitter Kaur on 21st August in Delhi. The details have been attached and it would be great to see you on that auspicious day to bless the couple.

To The Marriage

Friday, 15 February 2013

Scary Twitter - Part 1

So not many of you that my dear wife 'Twitter' has her own ways of scaring the hell out of me. And I am going to take all liberty to detail them out here one by one:

Incident 1:  Three days after Marriage

Well, I know that some days we just don't get sleep even if we lie on bed. Yeah some say it might be because of stress or anxiety, some say it could be change of weather or sometimes you are not well.. and many more. And this post is not about listing those symptoms..;-)
So after we slept at 23:00, around 2 or 3 in the night, my sleep broke after hearing a loud horn on the street. And with that I just opened my eyes to look at twitter.
Damn!!! she was missing. I looked the rest room lights and they were off too. Where the hell is she? ran the thought in my mind. And while my mind was running all over, I felt cool breeze coming in from my Balcony.
I remembered closing the door, so how did it get open?
I got off from bed, walked towards the balcony door to close it and there right in front of my eyes was standing a slim figure, looking around. For a moment, I was completely taken aback and then realized it was Twitter ! Oh Shucks ! what was she doing in here? And the way she was standing reminded me of famous Bollywood number from a scary movie:

Gumnaam hai koi, Anjaan hai koyi,
Kisko pata kisko khabar.....
I went to her silently and patted her back. She turned around surprised and said 'you are not sleeping?' and I responded , in my ever naughty style : 'for a newly wed person like me, whose wife goes missing in the middle of night rather is standing in balcony waiting for some unknown, how can I get sleep?'
She smiled ( I am sure wanted to laugh, but newly wed so has to act a bit) and replied that she was not getting sleep and wanted some fresh air. And I replied promptly ' please doobara aise fresh air ke liye bahar mat aana..kyo ki phir mai fresh air nahi le paunga' (please avoid coming out like this for fresh air because I will run out of air then..:-)  and laughed.
And she simply pushed me saying ' chalo hato.. aap bhi na' and came back to room...:-)

 More in later posts...keep watching and sharing. This is your turf too...:-)

Monday, 11 February 2013

Band, Baja, Baarat...;-)

Hello readers from the globe, 

Many of you might be wondering on the name of the blog. Well, like most of the things in this world, this blog's name too has a story behind it...:-) and I would happily take you on the journey.

I am from India and based in Bangalore. Had an arranged marriage rather a very unconventional one in this era of 21st century. Met the girl on 29th July 2012 and was married by 21st August 2012. And unlike to our friend circle, we  hardly spoke and were complete strangers till we got married. as the days passed by and like a very arranged marriage, my wife was shy, hesitant to speak much and managed to speak only few lines ( she was just learning the tricks of the new house ) and me being me, the guy who is always onto something to trouble her, ended up in keeping her name "twitter". 

Because whenever she spoke, only one liner or few words came out. Well as they say, new wife and marriage are like blossoming flowers, and when they blossom fully, the fragrance is everywhere. With her she blossomed into "blogger". 
Yeah yeah.. now she doesn't tweet anymore.. she actually talks and trust me talks. She now demands and really demands thing her way.. don't trust me..huh !!  See it is happening right here. 
She is the reason this blog has been created because she feels that I keep telling fake and imaginable stories about her, whereas she is completely reverse in personality. So she demanded, read it again, 'demanded' that  from now on-wards I should be writing about her rather than telling stories about her deeds and acts. 
The result is here for all to see...:-)

There is a wise saying 
when you are married, wife seeks lots of changes in you and once you are changed, she says - you are not the same anymore , the one I chose to marry

And the best part  - they never confess that they are want to change or are changing their words.. they are making you a better man ..;-)

More to come.. keep watching and commenting.. it's your turf to share your experiences as well...:-)